The shift to performance-based contracts had already begun to push the delivery paradigm from episodic, facility-based care to more frequent interactions to care for the whole person, when they are not in the office. COVID-19 only fueled the fire, making it mission-critical to rethink where care happens, now and in the future.

We surveyed constituents across the healthcare landscape to understand where the ‘health-at-home’ trend is today, and where it is moving tomorrow. Our expert panel met during this webinar to identify and discuss the underlying factors driving care home, and opportunities for risk-bearing organizations to leverage the home to improve outcomes and reduce cost.

Webinar Highlights

  • How the new generation of engaged and savvy healthcare consumers feels about care moving home
  • Whether clinicians are ready, willing and able to adopt new technologies and delivery models
  • What insurance executives think about this trend and its likelihood to impact cost, quality and outcomes
  • How regulators and legislators are moving the needle to shift care to the home

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