The Challenge

Diagnose and proactively manage sleep and respiratory conditions at home

Sleep is crucial to health and productivity. Approximately 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders. 80% of moderate and severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), the most common sleep disorder, goes undiagnosed.2 In addition to $150 billion of lost productivity and increased workplace incidences, with 55-70% comorbidity rate, the cost of untreated sleep apnea also increases the risk of costly health complications such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and depression. Diagnosis can require high cost sleep facilities, and even once diagnosed, fewer than 50% of members adhere to their sleep therapy. With current supply chain challenges, ensuring member access to equipment is more challenging than ever.

Improve member adherence to therapy with our Home Sleep iComply program.

A comprehensive sleep therapy and respiratory management program benefits health plans by:

  • Optimize the site of sleep tests
  • Increasing therapy adherence with daily monitoring and proactive member engagement
  • Preventing unnecessary overutilization of sleep and respiratory supplies
  • Ensuring on-time starts

Program Results

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Our Approach

As the first sleep benefits manager in the industry, CareCentrix empowers the home with a whole person “diagnosis-to-therapy” approach that addresses four key issues impacting sleep therapy and respiratory management today — care setting, member adherence, high supply cost and network management.

When appropriate, CareCentrix facilitates at-home sleep testing, closely managing members to follow-through, which greatly improves test completion rates and turnaround times for OSA diagnosis and access to therapy.

Our data-driven sleep management adherence program, iComply, has a team of respiratory therapists and sleep medicine physicians to monitor proper adherence and utilization. We apply real-time data from the member’s PAP device to validate usage to advance treatment by collaborating with providers to improve therapy success. We review our device pipeline to recommend alternative therapies and technology to support members who may still struggle with compliance to help them achieve restful sleep.

The CareCentrix Value

CareCentrix collaboratively works with providers, payors and members to ensure a high level of support throughout treatment, resulting in a 30% improvement in therapy adherence.4

  • Coordinate the member journey from home-based diagnosis through sleep therapy management
  • Optimize sleep test site of service
  • Facilitates remote monitoring to ensure clinical success
  • Increase therapy adherence through an integrated technology-driven member engagement program
  • Ensure members are set-up in the home by the required start-of-care date and validates that the services are in place

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