There is a gap in leveraging the wealth of insights collected in the home and the ability to effectively integrate the data into member care management.

This can lead to:
  • Poor coordination and communication between providers
  • Low member engagement
  • Inability to effectively identify social determinants of health (SDoH)
  • Lack of caregiver support at home

That’s why we created HomeBridge, the key to whole-person, home-centered care coordination. Our proprietary platform provides one place for the care team to access, analyze, and collect data for continually adjusting care plans and providing progress updates to the larger care management team. This increases transparency and elevates collaboration across member care as a whole, driving more successful health and operational outcomes.

HomeBridge is powered by proprietary analytics and learning systems to proactively identify intelligent, whole-person, and home-based pathways for members.

  • Personalized path of care
  • Provider matched to individual patient needs
  • Caregiver readiness
  • Identify and address social determinants of health for home success