The Challenge

Identifying the right provider to deliver quality, whole-person care in the home

In a recent CareCentrix study, 85% of healthcare organizations have already increased or are looking at ways to increase more care in the home, with the majority looking to lower overall costs by shifting from pure network management to value-based provider contracting.1 This has become especially important for home health, which includes skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, medical social workers, and home health aides to address the clinical and non-clinical needs for each member.

Interested in learning how care in the home can lower costs to make healthcare more sustainable?

A value-based personalized home health approach should deliver on:

  • Better outcomes by meeting the unique needs of each person and addressing the entire episode of care
  • Removing the variability in the quality of home health providers
  • Improving member engagement
  • Leveraging insights from the home to inform care management and quality programs

Program Results

0 On Time Starts of Care1
0 Patient Satisfaction1
up to 0 Annual Savings1

Our Approach

CareCentrix delivers an innovative, home health solution that starts with managing a connected ecosystem of high-quality providers that have demonstrated the best outcomes to optimize the entire episode of care.

Leveraging HomeFirst Analytics, we connect data and insights to match members to the right provider, evaluate the optimal level of services needed, and ensure timely services to close gaps in care. Our value-based network evaluates home health providers on their performance and outcomes, providing recommendations to improve care to create the most value. Our home health providers proactively engage with members through a multi-modal communication platform to monitor and support adherence and clinical interventions.

  • Reduce not only overall homecare costs, but total medical expense
  • Improve patient engagement and management
  • Lower readmissions and improve collaboration
  • Data insights can enhance revenue and care management. The data gathered in the home through the authorization process and from OASIS provide valuable insights back to you by closing gaps in Stars and HEDIS, and to be leveraged in care management.

The CareCentrix Value

Our value-based network not only provides savings on home health, but overall healthcare costs by coordinating and managing each episode of care.

Improve access to quality home health providers.

Learn about our home health provider network.

1. Based on CareCentrix Data Analysis 2022