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    Medicare Advantage Premiums to Decrease, Benefits to Increase

    On September 24, 2020, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that the average premium for a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan in 2021 would drop by an average of 34% compared to the 2017 premium. CMS also revealed that record number of MA plans would be offering in-home benefits.

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    Telehealth is here to stay; to meet increased demands, we need innovative technology

    Now more than ever, people want to avoid in-person care, and meeting these demands means a massive shift in our healthcare system. Telehealth is part of the equation, but truly meeting the moment means robust care delivery in the home powered by technology. In March, we recognized the increased desire for telehealth services and extended our advanced home technology package including telehealth, care collaboration, and home monitoring tools at no cost to our network of 8,000 home health agencies.

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  • predictive-analytics

    Predictive Analytics and COVID-19: All Models Are Wrong, Some Are Useful

    Predictive analytics can save lives when officials understand their strengths and limitations. Many epidemiological models are indeed useful, especially when paired with an effective application into comprehensive public health policies. While all models will be wrong in certain cases, using them responsibly will drive the right outcomes for patients around the world.

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  • AI’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Leveraging Data to Deliver Better Outcomes

    AI’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Leveraging Data to Deliver Better Outcomes

    At CareCentrix, we believe that better leveraging data, analytics, and technology will unlock answers to some of healthcare’s most challenging problems. In response to the current challenges introduced by the Coronavirus pandemic, the CareCentrix data science team recently competed in Lumiata’s Global AI Hackathon virtual event alongside 400 teams including public health experts and machine learning experts, engineers, and health IT professionals. The goal was to develop AI-driven solutions that better equip clinicians and healthcare services companies with the tools needed to respond both to the rapidly-evolving situation on the ground and to the long-term effects of the pandemic.

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  • Can Smartphones be Used as a Medical Device?

    Can Smartphones be Used as a Medical Device?

    Smartphones may soon convert patients’ homes into hybrid doctors’ offices, making access easier, especially for elderly and disabled patients. The cost savings may be considerable.

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