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    How Home Care Will Power Value-Based Payment Models

    The new year brings to us the opportunity to find innovative ways to keep patients healthy at home and, in the process, advance value-based care models that focus on collaboration, whole patient and caregiver support, and outcomes over activity.

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  • Coordinating LTSS Ecosystem

    Developing a Coordinated LTSS Ecosystem to Support Whole-Person Care

    The individuals who use Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) are often some of the most vulnerable, high-cost patients in the health care system. This means it is especially critical that health plans are supported in providing these services in a coordinated, patient-centric way to optimize outcomes.

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  • 3 Keys to Unlock Whole-Person Care with Intelligent Insights

    With the rapidly evolving advancements in digital health technology comes greater access to data-driven insights and valuable new ways to proactively understand the needs of patients. Add in social determinants of health, economic, demographic and behavioral trends, and the opportunities to holistically drive better health outcomes are innumerable.

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  • Paving the Way for Culturally Inclusive Palliative Care

    Paving the Way for Culturally Inclusive Palliative Care Services

    Despite the benefits of palliative care, cultural differences often create barriers to receiving support among certain ethnic groups. It’s critical to have culturally competent palliative care clinicians and organizational policies designed to reduce barriers and improve access to culturally diverse groups.

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  • CareCentrix

    Challenges and Opportunities in Managing the LTSS Population

    CareCentrix addresses key challenges in managing the LTSS population and shares best practices for health plans to improve their strategies. A recent AHIP webinar brought together healthcare experts to discuss LTSS needs, how well the plans are responding, and best practices to improve health outcomes.

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