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The new order of post-acute care.

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CareCentrix has developed purpose-built technology, analytics, and experience to guide care that keeps patients on the path to the ultimate site of care: home. To address the complexities of post-acute care, we engage patients and caregivers, coordinate care transitions, improve clinical outcomes, and do all we can to help patients heal or age at home.

By finding new ways to break down the silos across the continuum of care, we are able to identify and capture savings health plans can count on.


What do members think?

Vanessa, a health plan member, sustained multiple fractures and injuries in an accident. CareCentrix provided care coordination, medical equipment, and nurse coaching to support her transition back to independent living. All while allowing her to heal where she most wanted to be… at home.

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    NEW! Overcoming Barriers: Building a Next-Generation Platform for Care at Home

    Home-centered care drives significant savings, promotes recovery, and increases patient satisfaction. Surprisingly, home care remains underused due to barriers that are structurally embedded into the healthcare system. What will it take for the home to become a center of patient care? Learn more by downloading this study now.

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    Paying Too Much for Patients Not to Heal?

    Post-acute care is intensely interconnected and requires an approach that is patient-focused and home-centric. If you aren’t closely managing your post-acute care costs, it’s likely you are paying too much for your patients not to heal.

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