Post-Acute Care

There are a hundred paths to home in post-acute care. We guide patients to the right one.

The Challenge

Post-Acute Care (PAC) is fragmented.

Every post-acute care journey is characterized by transitions – from hospital to a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), or to an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility (IRF), or to recovery at home. At each transition, the path splits, but healthcare providers have incomplete information at the point a decision is needed.  Often, health plans do not have the specialized resources to manage the complexity of the post-acute care continuum.  This results in increased risk for adverse patient outcomes, waste, and additional costs.

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  • Post-acute care accounts for an estimated 20-25 percent of total spend in Medicare Advantage plans1

  • Payers absorb $17.5 billion in wasteful spending while patients face unnecessary medical risks and costs2

  • 75% of hospital readmissions are caused by preventable errors3

The CareCentrix Approach

CareCentrix is laser-focused on optimizing the post-acute care continuum.  By using purpose-built technology, we identify the type of care a patient needs after they are discharged from the hospital, and integrate care across providers, including transitions to and from Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), Home DME, and Home Health.

The CareCentrix Post-Acute Care approach:

  • Manages and optimizes high-performing provider networks, including the extension of a plan’s performance with in-market resources
  • Identifies the right setting of care, based on the patient’s unique needs
  • Proactively identifies patient risk and reduces the likelihood of readmission
  • Helps ensure appropriate utilization – including through specialized analytics to reduce fraud, waste, and abuse
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Through HomeBridge, our purpose-built care coordination technology platform, we combine the power of insight from 100 million patient records with a personalized approach for each individual’s care that eliminates dangerous gaps as a patient transitions from hospital to home.

Health plan business leaders can build optimal provider networks, ensure that the right provider is matched with the patient based on his or her unique needs, and future-proof their patient engagement approach by deploying the clinical and technology services that a patient needs to heal and age at home.

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  • Provides expertise

    • We are the only comprehensive organization to serve 2.5+ million members to-date
  • Reduces overall costs

    • We help plans reduce post-acute care costs by an average of 15%
  • Diminishes hospital readmissions

    • We have helped health plans decrease all-cause readmission rates by nearly 40%
  • Keeps patients happy

    • 95% of patients would recommend the CareCentrix program to a friend

Need help optimizing your strategy for post-acute care?


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