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As payors look at the financial forecast for the upcoming plan year, the rising cost of care compounded with nationwide inflation, staffing shortages, rising labor costs, and other uncontrollable factors are probably all top of mind.

Drive higher quality of care, save money, and make healthcare more sustainable for years to come.

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Whether you already have programs that move care to the home or you plan to develop programs to drive more care into the home, there are 5 strategies for your plan to implement that can drive higher quality of care, save money, and make healthcare more sustainable for years to come.

Our single platform of multiple home solutions increases your ability to offer more integrated care resulting in a better member experience by reducing the risk of gaps in care.

CareCentrix leverages these strategies and solutions to benefit health plans and their members nationwide.


Increase in Care at Home

85% of healthcare organizations have already increased or are looking at ways to increase more care in the home, with the majority looking to lower overall costs by shifting from pure network management to value-based provider contracting.

Source: Payor Research, CareCentrix 2020


Equal or Better Outcomes at Home

80% of discharges to SNFs could have equal or better outcomes at home.

Source: HomeFirst Analytics, CareCentrix 2022

5 strategies to consider for cost savings when moving care to the home.


Optimal Site of Care

Optimize care plans for your members by identifying the right time and next site of care to get members home faster.


Readmissions Management

Control unnecessary hospital readmissions through continued engagement.


Quality Provider Networks

Leverage a quality provider network with broad access to improve outcomes and savings and drive higher member satisfaction.


Ensure the Right Care at Home

Identify and approve appropriate services for each member to improve outcomes and drive savings.


More Care in the Home

Deliver care to the home for specialized members who require more costly therapies.

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