This white paper will provide payors and providers with insights into how clinical and non-clinical issues, as well as social determinants of health (SDoH), can result in unplanned care and potentially raise the cost of providing care to members with a serious illness.

Today, there is a significant shift to home-based care, and it is not only difficult to coordinate resources and relevant information for seriously ill patients living at home, but also challenging to improve member engagement and care quality. As payers strive to gain increased insight and visibility into members’ homes to better support the individual and caregiver, a specialized CBPC solution with a structured approach delivers significant value.

The white paper examines key advantages of CBPC and points to the benefits of partnering with an experienced provider that offers a specialized solution, such as our Palliative Illness Management™ (PIM) solution.

Download the White Paper: Community-Based Palliative Care