It’s time to rethink post-acute care strategies in order to drive value. Innovation is born from identifying and understanding what’s not working.  A great example is post-acute care (PAC); spending has more than doubled in the last decade alone1 with no end in sight; and Medicare PAC expenditure is nearly $60 billion per year2. This is a significant area of untapped cost savings opportunity for health insurance providers; and now is the time to innovate.

Healthcare insurance providers discovered how to revolutionize their post-acute care services with topics including:

  • Areas of greatest opportunity for the future of healthcare delivery
  • How technology can enable better healthcare
  • Using data to manage out of control costs and waste



[1] Medicare Payment Advisory Commission. A data book: healthcare spending and the Medicare program. Washington (DC): MedPAC; 2011. Jun.

[2] “Report to the Congress: Medicare Payment Policy: Medicare’s Post-Acute Care: Trends and Ways to Rationalize Payments.” , MedPAC, Mar. 2015,

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