Post-Acute Care: Trends and Best Practices

Success is often defined by the bottom line and payors are constantly looking for levers to pull for maximum cost-savings in areas such as: home health, post-acute care (PAC), fraud, waste and abuse, care coordination, and hospital readmissions.

To gain better insight into these areas, CareCentrix, recently conducted a nationwide survey of health plan executives.

Barriers and Cost-Savings Opportunities:

As for the most significant barriers to effective PAC management –

  • 34% cited required staffing
  • 33% noted care coordination across different providers
  • 32% pointed to financial arrangements with providers

With so many moving parts, it’s easy to inadvertently ignore important details when the patients is admitted. A well-managed PAC program employs analytics upon admission to help identify patient needs and, if needed, select the right PAC facility.

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