Optimizing Post-Acute Care Strategy for your Medicare Bid

Want to develop a strategic advantage in the market? A tightly managed post-acute care management program can help you achieve it.

Most health plans have keen insight on curbing costs for hospitalizations and emergency department use. Far fewer have the knowledge needed to tame the costs associated with post-acute care, such as reducing dependence on Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), limiting the variability in home care quality and rates, and making sure members have what they need to be self-sufficient as they heal at home. Guiding care to the home is the single best way for health plans to bend the cost curve.

With the low-hanging fruit for cost reductions long picked over, integrated solutions – and particularly post-acute care management integration – offer significant potential for savings for Medicare Advantage plans.

This white paper covers:

  • Best practices on how to use home health to drive down costs and lower your Medicare bid
  • Use of advanced analytics to identify the appropriate setting and level of care
  • Data analyses of practice patterns and how to use it to choose preferred providers
  • Understanding benchmarks for SNF use and how to manage length of stay
  • How to evaluate your post-acute care management program, determine pain points and areas of cost variability
  • Reduce readmissions through collaboration with the patient, family caregivers, home health nurses, and primary care and specialist providers
  • Refine Fraud, Waste and Abuse and translate that into savings for your home health and post-acute care program