The Financial Impact of Post-Acute Care in Medicare Advantage

Many Medicare Advantage plans are beginning to recognize the need to reduce costs associated with post-acute care, particularly to optimize their Medicare bids – but most don’t have the expertise to identify the best areas for potential cost reduction. This is unfortunate, as post-acute care accounts for up to 25 percent of a Medicare Advantage plan’s total spend.

Every post-acute care journey is characterized by transitions – from hospital to a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), or to an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility (IRF), or to recovery at home. At each transition, the path splits, but providers may have incomplete information at the point a decision is needed. Often, Medicare Advantage plans do not have the specialized resources to manage the complexity of the post-acute care continuum. This results in increased risk for adverse patient outcomes, waste, and additional costs.

In this Webinar, CareCentrix’s Medical Director, Dr. Karen Johnston and VP of Market Development and Strategy, Marcus Lanznar discuss:

  • The 3 key areas that can drive down post-acute care costs and lower Medicare bids
  • The right metrics for cost-savings analyses and benchmarks for comparison
  • Understanding the roles that Home Health and DME play in reducing readmissions