#CareTalk Podcast: Government Shutdown Edition

In this month’s episode of #CareTalk, David Williams (Health Business Group) and John Driscoll (CareCentrix) discuss California Governor, Gavin Newsom’s aggressive healthcare proposals, the impact of the government shutdown on healthcare and much more.


(0:30) What should be made of California Governor, Gavin Newsom’s aggressive healthcare proposals?
(3:15) What was the buzz at JP Morgan’s Healthcare Conference this year?
(6:24) What will be the biggest healthcare topics of 2019?
(8:56) The book, When, by Daniel Pink, talks about the importance of time-of-day for peoples’ quality and performance. What are the implications for healthcare?

Lightning Round:

(11:09) How does the government shutdown impact healthcare?
(11:42) States are struggling to come up with ways to test for marijuana intoxication in drivers. What should they do?
(12:19) What New Year’s resolution did you break already?
(12:39) Who will prevail in Super Bowl 53?

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