#CareTalk Podcast: Ugly Sweater, Great Healthcare Year

In this month’s episode of the #CareTalk podcast, David Williams (Health Business Group) and John Driscoll (CareCentrix) discuss the best and worst healthcare moments of 2018, including: Amazon’s foray in the healthcare industry, a Texas judge trying to overturn the affordable care act, the effect of today’s immigration climate on US healthcare and much more!


(0:40) What did Amazon do that was noteworthy in healthcare this year?

(3:04) Was there any success in combating increasing drug prices in 2018?

(5:01) What were the healthcare implications of the 2018 mid-term elections?

(7:06) Were there significant advancements made in home healthcare this year?

(10:40) With today’s immigration climate, who is going to take care of mom?

Lightning Round:

(12:35) What was the Texas judge who overturned the whole ACA thinking?

(12:55) The Russians have been meddling in US politics. Do you think they’re also in US healthcare?

(13:17) What was the best healthcare moment of 2018?

(14:14) Where will you be when the NYE ball drops this year?

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