#CareTalk – October 2017: Is Bigger Better in Healthcare?

In this month’s episode, David Williams (Health Business Group) and John Driscoll (CareCentrix) argue whether bigger is better or smaller is more beautiful in healthcare, and much more.

Listen to the audio version.


(0:26) Is bigger better in healthcare?
(1:49) What can smaller companies do to succeed in healthcare?
(3:24) How can healthcare companies find a balance between scale and intimacy?
(7:05) Will Amazon do something different in healthcare, as opposed to what Google and Apple has done?

Lightning Round:

(8:04) Will the Trump administration kill value-based care?
(9:15) Which is more overhyped: wearables or personalized medicine/genomics?
(10:33) Is it irresponsible to watch tackle football?