#CareTalk – May 2018: The Pharma Pricing Problem

In this month’s episode of #CareTalk, David Williams (Health Business Group) and John Driscoll (CareCentrix) discuss the drug pricing problem in the United States.


(0:25) Why does the U.S. have a drug pricing problem?
(2:06) With Ronny Jackson out as Veterans Affairs Secretary, who is best suited to fill the vacant position?
(3:30) Is big data all hype or can it actually make a difference in healthcare?
(5:25) Why are we seeing merger talk among payers and providers?
(7:09) What should be made of Congress potentially reducing Food Stamps?

Lightning Round:

(9:49) The Obamacare rule that makes chain restaurants post calorie information has just gone into effect. How do you feel about that?
(10:14) Should states be allowed to impose lifetime caps on Medicai
(10:49) What’s your personal health goal for the summer?

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