#CareTalk: May 2017 – Healthcare Policy & Technology

David Williams (Health Business Group) and CareCentrix CEO, John Driscoll, chat about Medicaid expansion, hospitals at home and more, in this month’s episode of #CareTalk.

Listen to the audio version.


(1:03) With ACA repeal on again and off again, red states are expanding Medicaid. Kansas is the latest. Where will this lead?
(4:04) What should be made of Trump’s approach to the opioid crisis?
(7:31) Trump is extending the Veterans Choice Program, enabling care in private facilities. Will a real plan emerge?
(11:24) What does the growing focus on augmented reality mean for healthcare?
(15:15) Takeaways from the Health Evolution Summit 2017.

Lightning Round:

(16:14) Who will become the next Surgeon General?
(17:04) Looking at last month’s lethal injection issue in Arkansas, can one assume that this may be the end of the line for execution drugs?
(17:35) Who will control the house in D.C., come November 2018?
(18:19) What is the idea behind the “hospital at home” and why is it important?
(19:35) Will drug prices continue to escalate or will they start to go down?