#CareTalk – July 2018: Trump Lands First Punch on Drug Pricing

On this month’s episode of #CareTalk, David Williams (Health Business Group) and John Driscoll (CareCentrix) discuss Trump’s fight with Pfizer over drug pricing, and more.


(0:37) What did you think of Trump’s fight with Pfizer about drug pricing?

(3:50) Atul Gawande is now running the Amazon/Berkshire/JP Morgan healthcare company. Is he a good choice?

(6:33) Will the new Supreme Court justice have an impact on healthcare?

(8:43) What do you make of the Amazon/Xealth pilot?

Lightning Round:

(10:36) What did Trump learn about healthcare from his autocratic friends?

(11:06) What is the biggest racket in healthcare?

(11:48) Will the latest attempts to undermine the ACA make much of a difference?

(12:12) What is your biggest health tip for this summer?


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