#CareTalk – December 2016: What to Expect from Healthcare Policy Under the Trump Administration

David Williams (Health Business Group), chats with CareCentrix CEO, John Driscoll, about President-elect, Donald Trump picking Tom Price for HHS and what we can expect from healthcare policy under the new administration.


(0:20) What does Trump’s pick for HHS, Tom Price, tell us about the President-elect’s intention for healthcare?
(1:28) How is Tom Price’s view of the federal government and healthcare profoundly different from what we’ve been experiencing throughout the past 8 years?
(2:50) Despite Tom Price’s views on the role of government involvement in healthcare, are there certain areas where the government may take a strong stand?
(4:10) Does Price want to make health insurance less of a tax-deductible expense for businesses?
(6:45) What will happen to bundled payments under Price?
(8:39) Is there enough momentum to drive private sector innovation?
(9:32) Can we expect Trump to attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare right away or will he wait?
(11:39) What will the change in administration mean for the home health sector?
(15:01) What kind of advice would you give to Tom Price and/or others in the administration about policies that are not being addressed?