#CareTalk – March 2017: Examining Trump’s American Healthcare Act

David Williams (Health Business Group), chats with CareCentrix CEO, John Driscoll, about the American Healthcare Act’s tortured route through congress and all of the potential implications that come with it. Listen below:


(1:02) What is the main objective of the American Healthcare Act?
(2:00) Are there some provisions of the American Healthcare Act that make sense?
(3:05) What should be made of President Trump’s determination to get the American Healthcare Act passed?
(5:20) What do the proposed monthly surcharges say about how the GOP is approaching healthcare?
(6:22) Will the expansion of health savings account help make it easier for people to finance care in the long-term?
(7:43) Is there validity behind the GOP’s argument that increased health plan competition will drive down cost?
(9:15) What is wrong with the current structure of block grants?
(10:35) Is the argument that “Medicaid doesn’t effectively help the poor, thus it should be cut,” justifiable?
(12:00) What are the implications of the American Healthcare Act for the post-acute care and home care sectors?
(13:07) What are some of the feared consequences of the American Healthcare Act?
(16:18) What will the American Healthcare Act’s hurried journey to law look like?
(17:36) What would be Capitol Hill’s ideal approach to healthcare?