#CareTalk – February 2017: The Biggest Questions Surrounding Healthcare Policy Under Trump

From prescription drug pricing, to repealing and replacing Obamacare, CareCentrix CEO, John Driscoll, weighs the implications of healthcare policy under the Trump administration.


(1:00) What are some the questions we should be asking about healthcare policy right now?
(1:57) Are there particular aspects about the ACA that will be logical to build on, once we get passed the idea of “repealing and replacing?”
(3:54) Are there any particular reforms that could generate bipartisan support for Medicare reform?
(5:40) How big of an issue is drug pricing and what should be done about it?
(8:56) How should we think about the “block grant program?” Is it a good idea?
(11:44) What impact will immigration policy have on home healthcare?
(13:32) How are health plans adjusting to the new administration?
(15:03) Where will healthcare policy stand in 12-18 months?