#CareTalk: April 2017 – Getting Health Reform Right

David Williams (Health Business Group) and CareCentrix CEO, John Driscoll, chat about the healthcare debate that is heating up in Washington.

Listen to the audio version.


(0:29) How do you feel about how the healthcare debate in Washington is shaping up?
(2:24) What would you do if you’re running a health plan and have more freedom in how you innovate?
(3:20) Is there a benefit to having different kinds of health plans from what we have today?
(4:54) Are there any care benefits for at-risk patients that are also financially viable for health plans?
(8:58) Do you see value-based care, big data and analytics holding relevancy in the near future?
(12:16) Are you confident that the focus on post-acute care will continue to grow, under the Trump administration?
(13:31) Why is sleep awareness week so important?
(15:32) Are you optimistic about the long-term prospects of the US healthcare system?
(18:45) How will Trump’s immigration policies affect the long-term economic growth and innovation of the US healthcare system?