Pulse of Healthcare 2018

To gain better insight into areas such as: home health, post-acute care (PAC), fraud, waste and abuse, care coordination, and hospital readmissions; CareCentrix, recently conducted a nationwide survey of health plan executives.

The results reveal that care at home has become a key component of PAC management. In fact, 86% say that home health care now plays an extremely or very important role in PAC. Moreover, care at home is gaining even more mindshare among payors now that the CMS is expanding coverage for supplemental, nonskilled at-home support.

Recognition of the increased importance of home health care in PAC management brings with it an acknowledgement that certain barriers can impeded progress; including the required staffing, care coordination challenges and financial arrangements with providers. Moreover, with success in great part defined by the bottom line, payors are looking for the largest cost-savings levers to pull.

Download the infographic to gain more insights into the results of the survey.