CareCentrix Post-Acute Care Programs

Improving patient engagement rates, simplifying integration, and enhancing your team’s abilities.

We Already Manage PAC – Why Do We Need CareCentrix?

We understand that you have teams and resources dedicated to PAC already – that’s great! We don’t want to reduce the size or functions of that team. In fact, it’s our goal to improve your capabilities, adding resources you really need to do your jobs even better. By focusing on your needs and business goals, we’re able to dedicate resources where you really need them, not where you don’t.

CareCentrix creates efficiencies, reduces waste, and augments – not replaces – your team. That’s why, at no cost to you, CareCentrix begins by taking a look at your data and helping you identify cost-savings opportunities. Basing PAC programs on your data generates real ROI, because our solutions are designed to fit seamlessly with your capabilities, constraints, and networks.

The CareCentrix Clinical Approach

CareCentrix works with network providers – including hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (IRFs), and home care providers. We connect a patient’s journey across the continuum, identifying paths for care that optimize clinical outcomes, and help those who are most at-risk for readmissions get the follow-up care they need. We also coordinate the services patients need to transition to care at home safely, via home health, durable medical equipment (DME), and home infusion providers.

Read our frequently asked questions below or, for questions about utilization management, claims processing, integration with existing programs, risk adjustment methodology, analytics benchmarks, pricing and more – contact us.

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Questions About Our Post-Acute Care Program

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    How does CareCentrix support the patient discharge for at-risk patients?

    CareCentrix supports the patient discharge process for patients most at-risk for hospital readmissions by providing onsite staff in facilities and phone consultations to:

    • Through the use of data-driven analytics, advise on the path of care for the patient after the hospital by helping to identify the best facility (e.g., SNF, IRF) or home care agency.
    • Support the patient and caregivers during any additional facility stays, as well as on their journey home.
    • Arrange for care at home, including home health, DME, and home infusion.
    • Arrange for care at home, including home health, DME, and home infusion
    • Work with the patient one-on-one post-discharge to help ensure their path to healing, reducing readmission risk and achieving self-management.
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    What areas does CareCentrix look at when identifying ways to help plans save money?

    Each organization is unique in its own way, which is why we tailor PAC programs around your plan’s unique data. However, the data foundations of our PAC solutions are based in the commonalities and trends we find across all plans, to ensure efficiencies and true cost savings.

    Some of the things we look at include:

    • Readmission management
    • Networks and network management
    • Quality of SNFs and home health agencies
    • Engage patients effectively, starting at hospital admission and continuing after discharge

Home Bridge

HomeBridge is our purpose-built care coordination technology platform. It combines the power and insights from 100 million patient records with a personalized approach for each individual’s care to help eliminate dangerous gaps during the transitions from hospital to home.

Health plan business leaders can build optimal provider networks, ensure that the right provider is matched with the patient based on his or her unique needs, and future-proof their patient engagement approach by deploying the clinical and technology services that a patient needs to heal and age at home.

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