Eleven Surefire Ways to Manage Organizational Conflict

Managed Healthcare Executive interviewed several healthcare industry executives about their surefire tips for managing organizational conflict. CareCentrix Chief Operating Office, Laizer Kornwasser, was among those featured in Managed Healthcare Executive’s article.

From the article…

Laizer Kornwasser explained that: “Conflicts are part of human interaction, so it’s important not to shy away from them but rather promote open, honest dialogue that, in the end, will always help the company thrive.

Additionally, Kornwasser said: “There’s no one strategy for managing team conflict, but there are important guidelines: keep the conflict professional, define the goal and allow for a healthy debate on how to get there, create a basis of trust with no ramifications, and center the discussion around facts. Additionally, to be successful in resolving team conflicts it’s important for managers to know the personalities of those involved and listen carefully to both the tone and the content of the discussion. A manager is not a mediator, but rather a leader who knows when to make decisions and when to turn it over to the team … it’s important to recognize the pros and cons of each position so that employees feel heard.”

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