Intelligently and Virtually Managing Social Determinants of Health

For over 20 years, CareCentrix has been laser-focused on fighting the prevailing trend in the American healthcare landscape of increasing complexity and high costs. We do this by leveraging an uncommon approach: bringing care back home. All too often, care defaults to an acute setting due to a need to control not only clinical but non-clinical needs.

In this webinar, CareCentrix teams up with partners Dina (formerly Prepared Health) and Owned Outcomes to explore the relationship between effectively addressing patients’ health-related social needs and achieving quality improvement goals through virtual delivery of post-acute services. Our experts will provide a systematic analysis of key social determinants of health and how to recognize patterns in health management data that signal unmet social needs and drive costs.

In this webinar, you'll learn:
- How to optimize post-acute care and use personalized data-driven decisions at the point of hospital discharge.
- Challenges and opportunities in managing SDOH and their application in PAC management
- The impact of leveraging data to achieve increased savings and better patient outcomes
- Best practices and lessons learned by your peers

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