A Message for our Clients

We are all in the midst of a public healthcare crisis that we know impacts you, your members, your employees, and the providers that care for your members. CareCentrix is planning for an escalating situation. We take deep and personal responsibility for taking care of your members and supporting the providers that treat them.

We have been preparing for challenges like COVID-19 as part of our normal contingency planning. CareCentrix is confident that business will continue to function as normal. A large number of our employees currently work remotely and we have multiple emergency and call center coverages, as well as the ability to increase remote work as required without any disruption to our business and service.

We are in regular contact with your members and their treating providers and are here to provide support in any way needed.

If you have questions, please email us at GeneralInfo@carecentrix.com.

For state-specific information from the CDC and state governments, please click here. A U.S. map will display and you can click on your state.