• 7 Highlights from 2018 in Healthcare: More Fits Than Starts

    Staffing Shortage in Home Health Industry: Workforce Crisis in Years to Come

    Within the home health space, many of the current open home health employment opportunities involve very labor-intensive work for little pay, which trend analysts forecast could result in detrimental staffing shortages.

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  • IV for infusion therapy treatment

    Home Infusion Services Proposal Would Boost Access

    On July 11, 2019, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed a rule change that would potentially alter the manner in which home infusion services are provided and reimbursed. The new proposal may affect many segments within the home health industry, one of which will be home infusion therapy. In order to understand why this could be a game changer, it’s helpful to take a look at the history surrounding this niche product and its services.

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  • The Democratic Presidential Debates and Healthcare

    The Democratic Presidential Debates and Healthcare

    The 2020 Democratic presidential campaign kicked off strong with back-to-back political debates in Miami, Florida. It was the topic of healthcare that dominated the post-debate analysis. More specifically, it was the expansion of single-payer coverage or “Medicare-for-All” that became the hot button issue of the debate. 

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  • Medical symbol over US dollars

    Surprise Medical Bills: Finding the Middle Ground

    Surprise medical bills tend to arrive in the mail unexpectedly, weeks to months after a patient visits a doctor or hospital outside of the insurance network. The “surprise” comes to the unlucky patients in the form of large bills that they usually are not prepared for, due to be paid in a few weeks’ time.

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  • Virtual skilled nursing and physical therapy: What is possible?

    Virtual skilled nursing and physical therapy: What is possible?

    The home is becoming the center of care. Services that have been traditionally offered only in doctors’ offices and hospitals are now being delivered directly to patients where they live.

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