Articles by Tej Anand, Chief Data Officer

  • Support for Patients to Heal at Home: Remote Monitoring

    The home should be viewed as the first stop on the road to recovery after an acute episode. It is an important milestone on the journey of improved health outcomes and healing. This is possible, now more than ever, thanks to the new tools that technology platforms have placed within reach for patients needing post-acute care and/or managing chronic conditions.

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  • Home as the Center of Care: Identifying and Removing Obstacles

    The search to make healthcare more affordable has resulted in the adoption of care models that finally place patients at the center of care. This includes providing health services where patients need them—at home. The tools powered by the new technologies now widely available to patients and providers can make this a reality.

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  • Improved Results Through Home Health Services

    In order for post-acute care to fulfill its full potential, we need to ensure patient information is accurately communicated during the point-of-care service transitions that are characteristic of post-acute care and take the patient from the hospital to recovery at a facility or at home.

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  • Technology Puts Patients on the Best Path to Healing

    By tapping into the latest technology, we are finally able to place patient at the center of their care team - whether they are in the hospital or on their way to healing at home.

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    Predictive Patterns Provide Solutions to Improve Post-Acute Care

    Data science is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. In the post-acute care industry, pattern identification is improving outcomes and lowering costs.

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