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My home health services and/or equipment
(including breast pumps and CPAP supplies)

+ My health plan works through CareCentrix to manage home health services. How does CareCentrix handle my home health orders?
+ I’ve been told that CareCentrix will coordinate my home health supplies and equipment. How do I get my supplies through CareCentrix?
+ Does my doctor need to submit any special instructions or information when ordering diabetic supplies through CareCentrix?
+ I have received home health equipment or supplies that I no longer need. How can I return them?
+ How do I start an appeal for services denied?
+ What number should I use to fax my home health or equipment orders to you?
+ Does my doctor need to submit any special instructions or information when ordering CPAP supplies through CareCentrix?
+ How do I request a breast pump?
+ When can I request a breast pump?
+ Do I need a prescription or medical information to order a non-hospital grade breast pump?
+ What types of breast pumps are covered?
+ Can I purchase a breast pump at a store and get reimbursed?
+ Can I request the specific brand and model of breast pump that I want?
+ Can I get a hospital-grade/institutional breast pump?
+ How long will it take to get a breast pump?
+ Will the breast pump provider contact me to let me know the expected delivery date?

My bills or out of pocket expenses

+ Will my insurance cover my home health services or home medical equipment?
+ I know my insurance covers my home health services, but not at 100%. How do I get an estimate of what I may owe?
+ When should I expect to see a bill from CareCentrix?
+ Do I pay CareCentrix or the Provider?
+ What methods of payment does CareCentrix accept?
+ I established a payment plan with CareCentrix, but I just received a new invoice. Why?
+ I have a secondary insurance plan. How do I get my bill covered with my secondary insurance?
+ I have moved and/or have a new email address. How do I notify you of this?
+ I’m having trouble logging into my account. What number should I call to get this resolved?
+ I am a caregiver (e.g. family member, friend,) and need to discuss a patient’s services and bills. Am I allowed to call CareCentrix on their behalf?

Our Network of Providers (including how to join)

+ I’m interested in joining CareCentrix’s network as a provider. How do I go about doing this?
+ I am a provider and need to change our address. How do I go about getting this done?
+ I am a provider and need help getting into the CareCentrix provider portal. What number should I call?

Employment Related

+ Who should I contact for employment opportunities at CareCentrix?
+ I submitted an application for an employment opportunity at CareCentrix and I have not heard back yet. Who should I follow up with?
+ I need to verify a former employee’s employment at CareCentrix. How do I go about obtaining this information?

Health Care Professionals

+ What services do you offer?
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