Driving Value for Employers by Managing Care to the Home

We understand that you are facing challenges through the impact of the ACA, changing employee demographics, lack of coordination across the health care system. CareCentrix offers best in class programs which seamlessly integrate with health plans, providers and healthcare partners.

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Infusion Therapy Management

The specialty infusion market is growing at an increasingly rapid pace. CareCentrix’s home infusion program offers a patient-centered, safe, and cost effective option for employees.

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Sleep Management

44 million adults suffer from some form of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB).  These conditions increase employee healthcare costs and decreases productivity. CareCentrix has the first and largest sleep benefits management company in the U.S. with a proven track record of client savings and improved outcomes.

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High Risk Care Management

A small number of patients drive a disproportionate amount of healthcare costs, often due to lack of coordinated care and frequent hospital visits. We identify and engage patients in home centered, end-to-end care, improving quality of life, patient satisfaction and reducing costs.

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