#CareTalk: June 2017 - Accelerating Change in Healthcare

June 27, 2017
In this month's episode of #CareTalk, David Williams (Health Business Group) and John Driscoll (CareCentrix), chat about the end of health insurance merger mania, the climbing price of drugs, high-risk pools and more.

With merger mania now dead, what’s next for major health plans?
(2:00) Will artificial intelligence eventually replace doctors?
(4:45) What will be the aftermath of the Medicare Advantage whistleblower lawsuit?
(6:37) How would the legalization of medical marijuana and/or recreational marijuana impact healthcare?

Lightning Round:
With the federal government doing very little to address drug pricing, is there anything that the states can do?
(8:52) Should high-risk pools be given another chance?
(9:20) Is Donald Trump serious about not wanting to cover people with poor health habits who then get diabetes?
(10:04) Insurance premiums are going up on the exchanges this year. Obama’s fault or Trump’s?

Audio version available here.


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