#CareTalk: Health Tech - What's Now, What's Near, What's Next?

January 23, 2017

David Williams (Health Business Group), chats with CareCentrix CEO, John Driscoll, about the potential of current and future healthcare technology trends.


(00:30) What is the current relationship between technology and healthcare?
(1:04) What impact is technology having on healthcare now?
(2:38) What will happen in the evolution of wearable technology?
(4:22) What is the potential of virtual assistant technology, such as Google Home and/or the Amazon Echo? 
(9:03) Will virtual assistant technology been transformational in healthcare or will it be a trend?
(11:18) Will artificial intelligence play a big role in the evolution of healthcare? 
(13:26) What is blockchain technology and is it poised to make an impact on healthcare in the near future?
(15:40) Will the impact of technology be greater in the home care sector versus other areas of healthcare?
(17:48) How do you consider the whole portfolio of investment that healthcare companies are making in technology?



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