#CareTalk: April 17 - Getting Health Reform Right

April 17, 2017

David Williams (Health Business Group) and CareCentrix CEO, John Driscoll, chat about the healthcare debate that is heating up in Washington.


(0:29) How do you feel about how the healthcare debate in Washington is shaping up?
(2:24) What would you do if you're running a health plan and have more freedom in how you innovate?
(3:20) Is there a benefit to having different kinds of health plans from what we have today?
(4:54) Are there any care benefits for at-risk patients that are also financially viable for health plans?
(8:58) Do you see value-based care, big data and analytics holding relevancy in the near future?
(12:16) Are you confident that the focus on post-acute care will continue to grow, under the Trump administration?
(13:31) Why is sleep awareness week so important?
(15:32) Are you optimistic about the long-term prospects of the US healthcare system?
(18:45) How will Trump's immigration policies affect the long-term economic growth and innovation of the US healthcare system?

Audio version available here.


Tags: affordable-care-act, Healthcare, home-based care, post-acute care, regulatory

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